My work continues to reaffirm the en plein air landscape tradition. In this series I am concentrating on the interplay of light between water and land, drawing insight from the Gulf Islands on the west coast of British Columbia.

I hope to project an idea of the moment when I am totally immersed in seeing the landscape unfold before me, almost as though it were for the first time, with all the visual information that describes the geography, the perceived distances, light, colour and foliage affected and distorted by weather conditions.

As a painter the matrix of this complicated visual phenomenon provides me with a structure to explore the formal properties of paint, thin/thick, texture/flat, opaque/transparent and colour. I go out into the landscape to draw and paint, regardless of the obvious challenges, because it is those moments when all these components align that interest me and propels my enduring commitment to working within the space and light that surrounds me.

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Exhibition Dates

September 10 – October 1, 2016