Jessica Korderas creates three dimensional dioramas that she meticulously constructs through painting and drawing, which are then cast, layer upon layer, into a block of resin. The process is slow, time consuming and unforgiving.

Korderas comments – I have always been heavily influenced by movies in my work. Like any other art form, movies have the ability to both represent and mold society. Exposure to films is so common, such an ordinary part of people’s lives that their true effect can easily be forgotten. By subtly suggesting cinematic sensibilities in a sculptural form, I want people to consider the impact of films on their own perspectives of the world, away from the overpowering influence of the medium itself. Resin is perfectly suited to represent film. It creates a level of distortion that gives the illusion of movement between the layers when viewed from different angles. It also traps light, filling the pieces with an illumination that emulates the glow of the silver screen. Through this new body of work, I created resin based pieces that explore whether movies are reflective of society, whether they shape it, or both, and to what extent.

Jessica Korderas Artist Spotlight Interview

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2007 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Minor in English, Mount Allison University, Sackville New Brunswick
Studio focus: sculpture, painting, drawing, and photography
Dean’s list for full four years

2017 ‘New & Recent Work’, Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver BC
2015 ‘Dystopia’, Douglas Gallery, Edmonton AB
2014 ‘Utopia’ Gallery Page & Strange, Halifax NS
2013 ‘Havens’, Douglas Gallery, Vancouver BC
2012 ‘Illusive Reality’, Gallery Page & Strange, Halifax NS
2010 ‘Isolation’, Gallery Page & Strange, Halifax NS
2009 ‘Great Expectations’, Gallery Page & Strange, Halifax NS
2008 ‘Great Expectations’, Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre, Sackville, NB

2019 “winter SALON”, Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver BC
2018 “Small Pictures Show”, Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver BC
2018 Seattle Art Fair, Seattle WA with Elissa Cristall Gallery
2017 Seattle Art Fair, Seattle WA with Elissa Cristall Gallery
2016 ‘Summer Exhibition’, Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver BC
2013 ‘Le Projet Peinture/The Painting Project’, Galerie de l’UQAM, Montreal, QC
2011 ‘inbetween’, Doris McCarthy Gallery, Toronto, ON
2010 ‘Art with Heart’, The Carlu, Toronto, ON
2010 ‘inbetween’, Confederation Centre of the Arts, Charlottetown, PEI
2009 ‘Art with Heart’, Edward Day Gallery, Toronto, ON
2008 ‘Emerging Artists’, Trinity Gallery, St. John, NB
2007 Mount Allison BFA Graduate Exhibition, Owens Art Gallery, Sackville, NB
2006 ‘Puerta de la Lima’, Struts Gallery

2018 “The News II”, Nova Scotia Art Bank, Halifax, NS
Private collections, Canada and the USA

2014 Canadian Artist Residency, Detroit, MI

‘Still life in resin’,Kolaj Magazine, 2012, issue two, Montreal, QC
‘Korderas creates worlds in miniature’ , The Chronicle Herald, Halifax NS, October 21, 2012
‘Adjustment to city life inspires art’, The Chronicle Herald, Halifax, NS, April 29, 2010
‘Jessica Korderas: Isolation’, The Coast, Halifax, NS, April 8-14, 2010
‘Welcome to Korderas’ vibrant, miniature worlds’, The Chronicle Herald, Halifax, NS March 7, 2009

2017 Project Grant
2015 Creation Grant, Arts Nova Scotia
2013 Project Grant, Canada Council for the Arts
2013 Creation Grant, Arts Nova Scotia
2012 Creation Grant, Nova Scotia Communities, Culture, and Heritage