Jessica Korderas creates three dimensional dioramas that she meticulously constructs through painting and drawing, which are then cast, layer upon layer, into a block of resin. The process is slow, time consuming, and unforgiving. Each work is carefully planned and considered.

Korderas combines drawing with acrylic resin to create a relief effect. She constructs the backgrounds on illustration board. She creates the figures and paints each one on mylar. The figures and backgrounds are cut out and arranged in layers of resin within the piece to create depth. By embedding the figures and drawings in resin, the colours become illuminated and the light is bent and trapped within.

Korderas’ work examines human desires, goals, fears, and failures, and how individual ideals are forced to coexist in one society often at odds with one another. “Dereliction” (above) is based on a series of drawings she did during an artist residency in Detroit Michigan in 2014. She writes – “I was there during the spring and was struck by the return of nature to such a metropolitan city. I saw the overgrowth of flowers and resurgence of wildlife as a symbol of hope for rebirth out of tragedy.”

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Exhibition Dates

February 9 – March 11, 2018