Welcome to “COLLECTED” a new series featuring artists we have been following that we think you might like to get to know. Some of the artists are working independently, and some are recent graduates of art schools and universities from across the country.  We hope to introduce you to new talent that you may not have seen before. We’re interested in hearing your comments and/or questions.  You can connect with us by email at info@cristallgallery.com.

Todd Lambeth, Triange Park abstract painting

The paintings of Todd Lambeth investigate the abstract relationship between space and colour. Influenced by Cubism, hard-edged Modernist painting, comic books and candy wrappers, Lambeth’s colours reference the world of advertising and design. These visually stimulating paintings express the artist’s interest in perceptions of pictorial space and are a direct response to the proliferation of digital imagery and imaging technology.

Todd Lambeth, Over the hills and far away, abstraction, Elissa Cristall Gallery

Combining manual and digital techniques, Lambeth initially designs his paintings as collages on a laptop and translates them in the studio directly from the glowing screen of a tablet.

Todd Lambeth, Funland, acrylic on canvas, 24`x 18 inches

Above is “Funland at the Beach”. Lambeth completed this small work (24″ x 18″) as a study which he is developing into a large canvas measuring 70″ x 52.5″. The larger scale is bold and the objects transform with the increase in size.  Here’s a peek at the work ‘in progress’ in the studio.

Todd Lambeth, in the studio

Below are “Full Moon Thriller” and “Phantasmagoria”, 30″ x 22″.  Here Lambeth combines organic forms with the structure and rigidity of the grid. He flirts with the viewer by providing them with almost fully rendered plant forms, but before they can completely register these biological shapes, the imagery slips back into the architectural network of the painting’s digital origins. He meticulously applies crisp layers of flat colour, contrasting the quick gestures of his digital sources through the slowness of the medium of paint.

Todd Lambeth, installation photo

Todd Lambeth (b. Calgary, AB) graduated with Honours from the Ontario College of Art + Design University in 1991. He received a Master of Fine Art, from the University of Victoria in 2008. Lambeth has exhibited extensively in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver with his most recent solo exhibition in 2019 in Victoria, BC. His work is in the collections of The Alberta Art Foundation, Edmonton, AB, Batting Der, Calgary, AB, Bennett Jones, Calgary, AB, Nordstrom, Toronto, ON, Shell Canada Ltd, Calgary, AB and private collections. Lambeth is currently a sessional instructor, Fine Arts, at the University of Victoria, Victoria, BC.

Price range for small works $2500 – $2800.

For inquiries about Todd Lambeth and available works please get in touch: 604 730-9611 or info@cristallgallery.com