Elissa Cristall Gallery is pleased to present our latest Artist Spotlight interview with Halifax-based artist Jessica Korderas.  In this interview we delve into the artist’s meticulous and detailed three dimensional resin sculptures. Film is a major inspiration for Korderas and her newest work, “Drugs Sex Violence”, is based on her recent discovery of 1970’s genre of Italian movies called “Giallo”.  Read full interview…

Jessica Korderas, Drugs, Sex and Violence, mixed media sculpture

Can you tell me about the process of making your work?

I have been developing my unique methods of working with acrylic resin for over 15 years creating pieces so clear they are often mistaken for glass. The process is slow, time consuming, and unforgiving. I construct and paint the settings out of illustration board, then create the figures and other images by drawing and painting each item on mylar. They are then cut out and arranged in multiple layers of resin within the piece to create depth and a low-relief sculptural effect. Embedding the drawings within resin also creates a beautiful effect where light is trapped and bent within, illuminating it and giving a sense of movement. Each piece is a carefully constructed, detailed scene embedded in a solid cube of crystal clear plastic.

How do your ideas develop?

A few years ago I did a series exploring voyeurism where scenes can only be seen by peering through a window; the sides clear but blurry, further hinting at what is inside but denying the viewer clarity. They were each inspired by different European luxury hotels, and titled according to each respective country’s (feminine) word for “voyeur”. They were small glimpses into worlds that for the majority of people are completely inaccessible.

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