JESSICA KORDERAS | February 9 – March 11, 2017

Jessica Korderas creates three dimensional dioramas that she meticulously constructs through painting and drawing, which are then cast, layer upon layer, into a block of resin. The process is slow, time consuming, and unforgiving. Each work is carefully planned and considered. Korderas combines drawing with acrylic resin to create a relief effect. She constructs the backgrounds on illustration board. She creates the figures and paints each one on mylar. The figures and backgrounds [...]


JESSIE MCNEIL | Travellers | December 1 – 23, 2016

We each consume a place differently. Whether simply resting in public spaces or attractions, filling tour bus seats or obsessively taking photos, we capture, collect and consume the environments we visit. The collages of Travellers expose the moments when the personal and public, the fragmented and integrated merge while offering a painterly representation of the light and texture found in the environments we travel to. With this example of her figurative collage [...]


CHRISTOPHER FRIESEN | Silvery Tones | November 5–26, 2016

“Silvery Tones”, is a contemporary look at the pre-impressionist painter Camille Corot. The exhibition is accompanied by an essay Souvenir of Corot: Views, Veils, and Silvery Tones written by Dr. Geoffrey Carr. Dr. Carr teaches art, architecture, and film at University of the Fraser Valley, University of British Columbia, and Emily Carr University, Friesen became interested in Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot while visiting the Frick collection in New York for the first time. The piece [...]


JEROEN WITVLIET | Sighting Part Two | October 8–29, 2016

The Sighting paintings are mostly without human presence. An empty stadium bleacher, a forest without seemingly any human activity are presented on larger format canvasses and speak of what has been, touching on memory of events and history. Informed by a film never made and therefore only existing as a phantom, the imagery is strangely silent, almost like waiting for the next episode to take place. The painted surfaces shift constantly [...]


LESLEY FINLAYSON | New Paintings | September 10–October 1, 2016

My work continues to reaffirm the en plein air landscape tradition. In this series I am concentrating on the interplay of light between water and land, drawing insight from the Gulf Islands on the west coast of British Columbia. I hope to project an idea of the moment when I am totally immersed in seeing the landscape unfold before me, almost as though it were for the first time, with all the [...]


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