Elissa Crystall Gallery, Contemporary Art, Vancouver, BC Canada



Carrie Walker works realistically and with great dexterity in the difficult medium of watercolor using her art to examine our relationship with the natural world. Intriguingly she pushes the boundaries of the genre scarily close to kitsch without falling into that dubious place. The emptiness or incompleteness of background, she observes, alters the way we read the image. Her compositions, which include stencil­like intrusions of white space where rocks or snow or foliage would have been, also call representational conventions into question. Walker asks us to closely consider each image—and each animal—within a context that is formal, cultural, and conceptual. Carrie Walker received an MFA from the University of Victoria in 2017 and an BFA from Emily Carr University in 2002. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Vancouver, Los Angeles and New York City.




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