Camrose Ducote grew up in the light and space of Colorado which influences her work today. Her visual language is abstraction which relies on sense impressions over the narrative. She describes her work as “a reflection of the transient nature of life.” Her process begins with paper on to which she applies a spackle compound. The surface is then hand rubbed and several layers of acrylic medium and washes of paint are applied, later to be rubbed away, leaving only a residue of marks. These become the foundation upon which she builds. Bits of paper are culled from the studio drawer, relics of their former incarnations often used unsuccessfully in earlier pieces but now find new life. Shapes emerge, only later to be submerged, in part or altogether, satisfying a newly formed impulse. She mounts and seals each piece to a finely finished wood panel leaving the the natural wood sides exposed. Each work takes on a sculptural element playing off the linear shapes and forms on its surface. She comments, “It’s an expression of the personal within the universal, the cycle further completed when the viewer brings their own piece of history to add to the layers.”

Camrose Ducote graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 1974. Her work is included in the Canada Council Art Bank, the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver, BC and numerous corporate and private collections in Canada, the US and Europe.

Exhibition Dates

November 4 – 25, 2017