Thank you for your inquiry concerning our policy for artist’s submissions.

First, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the Elissa Cristall Gallery by visiting in person or visiting our website at If you think your work would be appropriate, please follow the guidelines for submissions.

  • Send only the best images that accurately represent your work
  • Include an image list with: title, medium and size of each piece
  • Specify which pieces are available and which have been sold
  • Include a concise and current resume and phone number
  • Do not send any portfolios or materials by post unless requested by the Gallery
  • No drop-ins please

Please be patient. Allow 8 – 10 weeks for a response. We look carefully at all submissions. After evaluating the material, we will be calling on certain artists to present his or her portfolio.

Thank you for considering the Elissa Cristall Gallery for representation of your work.

Send your information and digital images via e-mail to:

(Please ensure that the images are in jpg or tiff format and that the size does not exceed 800 pixels x 600 pixels.)