For our ART ON PAPER exhibition we are delighted to feature the work of Bowen Island artist and art therapist, Marty Levenson.  His new series of monoprints titled “Jacquie’s Garden” (Jacquie is Levenson’s wife and a dedicated gardener) is born out of the abundance of wild and cultivated flora and forest surrounding their island home.

Levenson writes, “In these prints, the ink’s sensuality encourages a reverie that allows the viewers’ abstract thoughts to flow into evolving narratives. Perhaps the images bring to mind visualizations of how emergent roots push through soil, how dreams are elected into consciousness, how change begins in the psyche’s dynamic, or whatever the viewer brings to the experience.

I welcome chance, but contain its influence. Deep familiarity with how ink behaves under pressure sets the parameters for unplanned, natural occurrences. After printing I respond to the results with more layers of ink, or small deliberate charcoal and pastel gestures.

This practice is not self expression, but rather a discovering of the print’s expression of itself. …much like my work as an art therapist.”

ART ON PAPER presents new watercolours by Kyle Scheurmann. These watercolours are often studies for his larger canvases and are developing into a distinctive series of their own.  Also showing are two large works by Aurora Landin from her series, 30 Days in Venice and digital prints by Barbara Strigel.

Exhibition Dates

March 2 – 23, 2019

Opening Reception

Saturday, March 2, 2 – 4 PM

Marty Levenson and Kyle Scheurmann in attendance.

Selected works