If you follow me regularly, you know that I spend much of my time researching the most innovative, creative, and thoughtful art and artists.

I want to understand what really matters—the importance of culture and the contribution that artists make in helping us to see and interpret our world, and how art shapes our lives.

Sometimes, I come across an artwork that takes my breath away, challenges my notions, and enhances my understanding of art.

I share these discoveries with you through solo and group exhibitions, and I invite curators and guest artists to expand our perspective.

I review artists from across the country. I do this through my connections with art schools and universities, local and national juried competitions, and often through referrals from curators and professional artists, I have the pleasure of knowing.

Elissa Cristall Gallery, Contemporary Art, Vancouver, BC Canada

From the beginning, I have supported Canadian artists from coast to coast. I attend exhibitions at public galleries and museums, I travel to art fairs, I visit artists in their studios and select those that I think are truly worthy.

This research really gets me thinking and helps me see the big picture of what has lasting value. I hope you benefit from the discernment I’ve developed over the past 23 years as an engaged and enthusiastic supporter of the arts.

Elissa Cristall