ELISSA CRISTALL GALLERY is delighted to present “A Cabinet of Curiosities” a group exhibition curated by Darius Stein with artists: Luke Armitstead, Sarah Davidson, Paul Halley and Juliana Silva.

“A Cabinet of Curiosities” takes a look at two and three dimensional artworks that occupy a space located between fact and fiction. Historically, cabinets of curiosities were comprised of an encyclopedic array of objects whose categorical boundaries were still to be defined. While generally associated with the natural world, certain objects contained within these cabinets were faked which in turn blurred and compromised the lines of historical truth.

The works selected for “A Cabinet of Curiosities” embody a deep-rooted familiarity with the natural world, but in the same instance feel “otherworldly” within their own personal mythologies. The gallery space, thus, becomes the entry point for the imaginations journey into the realms of the unknown.

Exhibition Dates

May 12 – June 10, 2017